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Why Teach in Taiwan?

Taiwan is well known for its friendliness, clean air, safety, health care system and the overall quality of life and is often cited as the being one of the best places in the world to work and live in.

The capital city Taipei is a developed, vibrant city of around three million people. It is not especially large by Asian standards and rather less congested and polluted than most other Asian cities. The city offers many opportunities for recreation, both sporting and cultural. It enjoys many theatres, nightclubs and concert halls, museums and temples, and an active social life can be led. Its restaurants are remarkably varied and offer outstanding cuisine. The mountains, beaches and countryside of Taiwan offer a quick and scenic get-away, and its surrounding islands are well worth exploring. As a country, Taiwan is also well situated for excursions to other attractive locations in S.E. Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

The people of Taiwan are extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming. The international population is smaller than in some other Asian cities, but the community is close-knit and welcoming to newcomers. As a country, Taiwan is a safe place to live, where teenagers can enjoy a considerable degree of independence. There is excellent public transport, both in Taipei and across the island with the newly opened high-speed rail system. English is widely spoken, particularly among the younger population.

How We Work

Here at INTA Education, we work with a number of international schools offering a huge range of full-time teaching roles across the globe.

Our extensive network of contacts ensures that the teachers we work with are paired with some of the most well-respected international schools, which have been personally vetted and visited by our team.

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