Working in Tunisia

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Why Teach in Tunisia?

Tunisia is a small country located in Northern Africa on the Mediterranean coast. It has long been a popular tourist destination for those looking for year round sunshine. Tunisia boasts beautiful beaches and a low cost of living which has made it very appealing to those looking to teach overseas. Schools in Tunisia cater to international students from many different countries as there is a growing expatriate community. Tunisia is not only known for its coastline, the Sahara desert can also be very easily explored as well as its historic towns.

We would recommend Tunisia for any teachers looking for an adventure off the beaten track in a beautiful climate!

How We Work

Here at INTA Education, we work with a number of international schools offering a huge range of full-time teaching roles across the globe.

Our extensive network of contacts ensures that the teachers we work with are paired with some of the most well-respected international schools, which have been personally vetted and visited by our team.

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