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Teaching Experience in China

Teaching in China is an experience you’ll never forget. From the moment you touch down in your new city until the first students graduate from your adopted home school, you’ll be left with lasting memories of your China teaching experience.

Be immersed in a new culture, learn a new language, acquire different teaching skills, and overcome unusual challenges. With great perks and great pay too, teaching in China is a rewarding adventure that can help you take your professional teaching career to the next level.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of working abroad, then keep reading, as we explain what you can expect from your teaching in China experience.

Be Immersed in a New Culture

Even for the most hardened of world travellers and seasoned of teachers, starting a new professional career in a Chinese school is going to be a culture shock. You’ll be supported the whole way by your professional network and colleagues, but you’ll have to navigate the difficulties of a new city, culture and language while you settle in.

But we prefer to see this as an opportunity for immersion. Rather than fearing the challenge of living and working in a new country, this is a chance to enjoy the delights of Chinese cuisine, learn about the Chinese way of life, and celebrate events like Chinese New Year in authentic style.

Learn a New Language

INTA Education places professional teachers in international and bilingual schools, which means there’s no requirement for you to know or even learn Mandarin. However, a big part of the China teaching experience for many of our teachers is picking up the local language.

You’ll learn some basic Chinese words and phrases with the help of your students, classroom assistants and interactions outside the school. You’ll pick things up by ordering your new favourite dish in the local restaurant or when you’re forced to ask for directions back to your accommodation. Consider taking lessons too, as there’s no better place to learn Chinese than in China.

Enjoy Great Perks and Pay

The perks and pay are one of the biggest bonuses of your teaching in China experience. Your new school typically pays for your work visa, subsidises your accommodation, and offers you an annual flight allowance to get back home for the holidays or travel abroad.

Teacher salaries are hugely competitive, with professional teachers earning international wages based on their experience and qualifications. Given the comparatively low cost of living in China, this means you can expect to save much more while teaching in China than you ever could back home.

Travel Across China (and Elsewhere in Asia!)

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of a China teaching experience, then we reckon you’ve got a serious love for travel. That’s perfect, because one of the biggest prospects awaiting you in China is having the chance to explore.

Start with your new home city. Whether you’re strolling the traditional hutongs of Beijing or gazing in awe at the futuristic skyline of Shanghai, you’ll love the mix of history and contemporary culture that’s so unique to China.

During the holidays, you can venture further afield. Take the high-altitude train to Tibet, marvel at the terracotta warriors in Xian, or admire the pandas in Chengdu.

Learn New Teaching Skills

Teaching in China is going to be a challenge. You’ll have different classroom rules to follow, new teaching strategies to try, and varied worldviews to encounter. Overcoming these is all part of the experience, and you’ll be rewarded by learning new teaching skills, forming new opinions about China, and taking your professional teaching career to the next level.

Making a Difference in Your Students’ Lives

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding career wherever you are in the world, and China is no exception. You’ll have the opportunity to make a real difference and have a tangible influence on the lives of your students as you impart your knowledge and wisdom in the classroom. This is one of the best parts of your China teaching experience, as you help guide your students through school and into their future careers.

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INTA Education was founded by Lydia and Will, teachers with a passion for language and education. With ten years’ experience teaching in Asia, we’re ready to help you find the perfect teaching in China experience.

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