Classed as a slightly smaller city (of 12 million) in China, Xi’an is best known for its rich historic offering of the Terracotta Warriors and beautifully preserved city walls. Xi’an holds the unique charm of being able to give a true essence of life in China whilst retaining an expatriate lifestyle. Its ancient city walls remain intact and the maze-like Muslim Quarter takes you back to the ancient days of the silk road. Xi’an is also an ideal location for lovers of the great outdoors as the famous HuaShan mountains are found just outside of the city, perfect for hiking and weekend retreats.

Getting around is easy with a cheap with a very well-connected metro system with signs and stops all in English making it very easy to navigate (even for first timers!). The city also offers an extensive range of restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets and shopping malls all offering Western food and clothing items. The food in Xi’an is truly outstanding and there is something for everyone from Chinese banquets, street food and amazing international restaurants, even the fussiest eaters are catered for.

Xi’an is also a great base for travelling both in China and further afield. The city is connected by the high-speed railway which spans the length and breadth of the country making any destination in China well within reach. Xi’an’s Airport is also not too far from the city with hundreds of daily domestic flights as well as many other international destinations.

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