Tianjin is a large yet laid back city located on the East coast and close to the country’s capital Beijing. Facing the Bohai Sea, Tianjin serves as Beijing’s gateway to the sea as well as the largest port city in the North. With its pleasant river promenade and beautiful European inspired neighbourhoods, the city really is a cultural blend of East meets West. The Hai river flows slowly through the city providing the perfect backdrop for evening summer strolls where you can take in the ever changing city scape and pop into many of the growing number of bars and restaurants. Whether you’re after a quick coffee or beer, a bowl of noodles or a burger, Tianjin won’t disappoint. Travel to and from the city is easily accessible via the high speed train network and also has its own airport. Trips to Beijing now only take around 30 mins meaning you can head there for day trips and also use the capital’s international travel links.

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