Suzhou is best known as being one of the prettiest cities in China. It is renowned for its well-preserved canals which are lined with an extensive range of bars, restaurants, boutiques and hotels which meander through the heart of the city. The city also has larger supermarkets and shopping malls all offering Western food and clothing items. The food in Suzhou is truly outstanding and there is something for everyone from Chinese banquets, street food and amazing international restaurants, even the fussiest eaters are catered for.

There is a large expatriate population in Suzhou and as such you are able to find all of the amenities you require. In our experience getting around is very easy (the Chinese version of Uber (with an English function) is used extensively to get around as well as hire bikes) and the city has been found to be very safe and clean. Suzhou also hosts a number of welcoming international clubs and groups spanning from sports (rugby, football, tennis etc) to language, cooking and arts.

Suzhou is also very well placed for both domestic and international travel as it is connected by the high-speed railway which spans the length and breadth of the country making any destination well within reach. The highspeed rail network also means that Shanghai is under an hour away making weekend visits very accessible. Suzhou is also in the heart of Jiangsu province, one of the most historic parts of China meaning there are plenty of places to explore during weekend and holidays!

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