Beijing is a fantastic place to call home for both single teachers and those with dependents. Beijing is known for being a mega city however scratch a little beneath the surface and you will find a city with many hidden layers. From the warren like Hutongs to the fascinating structures of the Forbidden City and Summer Palace, Beijing is rich in history and culture however it is also a very modern city with an ever evolving impressive skyline. Getting around is easy with a cheap with a very well-connected metro system with signs and stops all in English making it very easy to navigate (even for first timers!). The city also offers an extensive range of restaurants, cafes, bars, supermarkets and shopping malls all offering Western food and clothing items. The food in Beijing is truly outstanding and there is something for everyone from Chinese banquets, street food and amazing international restaurants, even the fussiest eaters are catered for. As for the nightlife, one evening in the rooftop bars of the flashy Sanlitun area will have you going back again and again. The city also hosts a number of welcoming international clubs and groups spanning from sports (rugby, football, tennis etc) to language, cooking and arts.

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Beijing is also the perfect base for travelling both in China and further afield. Just outside the city, you will find mountainous areas great for hiking and weekend retreats. The city is also connected by the high-speed railway which spans the length and breadth of the country making any destination well within reach. Beijing’s Capital Airport is also not too far from the city with hundreds of daily domestic flights as well as all other international destinations.

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