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Why Teach in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a beautiful country located in the heart of the middle east. It is a country rich in attractions and boasts the fantastically historical cities of Mecca and Medina. Riyadh, the capital city is a fascinating example of skyscrapers and endless dining and shopping
opportunities, while Saudi’s second city Jeddah is a bustling port city with amazing coral architecture.

From romantic red dune deserts to the jaw dropping mountains and villages of Asir, Saudi Arabia is a country for the adventurous who are not afraid to veer off the beaten track!
Teaching in Saudi Arabia is an enticing prospect, with a Tax Free salary, compound housing and a very welcoming community it is a very comfortable place to call home.

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Here at INTA Education, we work with a number of international schools offering a huge range of full-time teaching roles across the globe.

Our extensive network of contacts ensures that the teachers we work with are paired with some of the most well-respected international schools, which have been personally vetted and visited by our team.

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