Working in Russia

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Why Teach in Russia?

Russia is a stunning country and being the largest country in the world means there is plenty to explore during your holidays. Russian cities have everything you need to live comfortably. They all showcase unbelievable traditional architecture, exciting arts and offer a vibrant cultural scene catering to all tastes and interests. Of course, there is the added bonus of the unforgettable nightlife which help make it an amazingly different destination that is often overlooked!

Most international schools will be found in the big cities and in particular Moscow. International schools in Russia tend to cater for expatriate children as well as children of the nation’s elite. Our client schools are well resourced and packages and salaries are very competitive.

How We Work

Here at INTA Education, we work with a number of international schools offering a huge range of full-time teaching roles across the globe.

Our extensive network of contacts ensures that the teachers we work with are paired with some of the most well-respected international schools, which have been personally vetted and visited by our team.

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