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Quarantine: What would we do?


It seems highly likely that wherever you head to in the world for your new role this August you will be required to quarantine. The length and location of quarantine will of course vary from country to country, but one thing is certain you will have a lot of time on your hands! With that in mind we have been thinking about what we would do to help pass the time. Here is a quick list of the items that we would definitely be packing as well as some activities to help pass the time, agree, or disagree? Would be great to hear your thoughts!

  • Make sure you have a trusty VPN so you can stream films, documentaries, series from international platforms such as iPlayer and Netflix, time to get comfy and indulge in some guilt free binge watching!
  • Exercise gear, there will definitely be the temptation to just sit around in your PJ’s all day but why not come up with an exercise routine or challenge and leave that hotel room looking good!
  • Sweet treats from home, who isn’t going to need something sugary to keep them going! (Perhaps raiding the duty free at the airport would be a good suggestion too).
  • Don’t forget your adapters! This is something I can definitely imagine Lydia and I doing. Make sure you know what kind of adapter you will need, this would worth looking into before leaving for the airport.
  • Tea and coffee! There is something about tea and coffee from your home country that just tastes better, don’t ask us why.


Get Organised!

Now is the time to do those jobs you always put to one side, for us it would be to collate all images on our phones and laptops. You will certainly need the extra cloud space once you are out and about in your new city!

Get Planning!

Will and I are also huge foodies and believe that one of the best ways to learn about a place is through food. I would spend time going through those guidebooks and searching online for amazing restaurants and making some reservations ready for when you are released! It will also give you something to dream of as we hear quarantine food gets pretty repetitive!

Get Ahead!

 Having extra time is the perfect opportunity to sit back and take the time to learn something new. We would certainly suggest having a look at some language APPs to help you get ahead once you are released!

Wherever you are going in August, we wish you the best of luck, in the grand scheme of things your quarantine will be very short lived in comparison to the new adventures you will be having in your new host countries.

Good luck and any questions please feel free to send us an email on info@inta-edu.com

Lydia & Will

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