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School Principal (International School, Hong Kong, August 2023 Start)

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Required Skills:

Job Description

We’re looking for a passionate Principal to work across two campuses and encompass both early and primary years education, this opportunity is for academic year 23/24.

The primary responsibilities of the Principal are:

  • To lead and manage the school, across two campuses, in accordance with the Vision, Mission and Values
  • To provide the best possible learning environment where children achieve their potential as life-long learners starting
  • To promote and safeguard the welfare of the children
  • To inspire and motivate our outstanding staff teams – teaching, administrative, support and volunteers
  • To be a valuable and positive team player
  • To collaborate with the Senior Leadership team to meet organizational strategic goals in school development, providing necessary school perspectives, exploration of school-based opportunities, thinking creatively and purposefully to problem-solve and achieve long-term strategic vision.
Key Duties


To ensure that the program of learning at the school:

  • Enables children to make excellent progress in all aspects of the curriculum.
  • Secures high quality learning in all aspects of the curriculum, leading in design, implementation and delivery.
  • Has a broad, engaging, exciting and fun curriculum, which is regularly reviewed and continually developed.
  • Secures a caring and supportive environment for all students; challenging and providing remediation for under-performance.
  • Works to remove barriers to underachievement for all students, particularly those requiring Learning Support Service.
  • Delivers effective communication to parents and stakeholders on school programmes, student achievements, placements and behaviour.
  • Satisfies the requirements of the Education Bureau of Hong Kong SAR.
  • Recruit and retain; develop; motivate; and, lead high quality staff to achieve their highest professional standards in line with Generations policies.
  • Implement and maintain an effective annual performance management process for all school staff.
  • Effective promotion of professional development and academic growth of staff through systematic continued development programmes.
  • Delegate to Learning Area leaders, Department Heads, Learning Support Teacher (LST) or Learning Support Coordinator (LSCo), budget holders and specialist staff in a way that promotes their development, enables them to perform to their full potential, holds them accountable and supports them fully as good team players.
Strategic Plan:
  • To assist the Executive Director on behalf of the Board in implementing the School’s Strategic Development Plan.
  • To regularly review school performance and improve outcomes through the design and ongoing implementation of a School Development Plan (SDP), which details time-lines and budgeted outcomes and School Improvement Plan (SIP).
  • Report to the Executive Director on the effectiveness of all aspects of the School’s performance, including SDP and SIP.
  • Stimulate, foster and enhance a sense of community amongst staff, parents and students that encourages them to support the Vision, Mission and Values of the School through excellent interpersonal skills, accepting and providing appropriate advice.
  • Build community relationships and School collaboration.
  • Ensure representation and support from the School at all Parent-Teacher Association meetings.
  • Coordinate with respective kindergartens/pre-primary and secondary schools to ensure smooth student transitions.
  • Administer and implement all school policies.
  • Manage the day-to-day administrative and operation needs of the School, in conjunction with the school, including enrolment; staff management; health and safety of staff and students; and, property and maintenance of facilities.
  • Maintain appropriate documentation for the performance, evaluation and management of all staff and students.
  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer to develop and manage the School’s budget.
  • Annual submission of accurate financial modelling scenarios to the Executive Director and/or her delegate.
  • Work with the Chief Operating Officer to ensure that the School complies with the requirements of Hong Kong Education Bureau and other government agencies.
  • In conjunction with the Marketing and Admissions Office, develop and implement effective marketing strategies to promote and develop enrolment demand along with the retention of existing students.
  • To encourage School community stakeholders to be passionate advocates of the School and actively promote it to others.
Risk Management:
  • Effectively manage the school’s operational risks, in conjunction with the school, to an acceptable level, including a regular regimen of inspection and maintenance of School property and buildings.
  • Ensure all students and staff are acceptably safe and secure.
  • Ensure all students are registered; fees are appropriately paid/settled.
  • Alert the Executive Director/Senior Leadership Team of any material issues that arise and how they are being handled.
Senior Management Duties:
  • Assist the Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer in the development of the organisation, offering advice and support in all areas.
  • Attend relevant meetings as required e.g. Board meetings, Senior Leadership Team meetings, sub-committee meetings, senior staff meetings.
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  • Have a Master’s Degree in Education
  • Have 5+ years of school leadership experience and at least 2+ years international school work experience
  • Have experience leading schools through the process of accreditation with external bodies, particularly The Council of International Schools
  • Be internationally minded to lead and manage the school in accordance with the Vision, Mission and Values
  • Be enthusiastic about pioneering a new school, including establishing a vibrant campus, building up a strong staff team, and promoting the school in public and to prospective families


  • Attractive salary
  • Medical benefits
  • Bonus incentives

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