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How much can you earn teaching in China?

How much can you earn teaching in China in 2023? Teaching in China is an excellent way to experience the rich and diverse culture of this fascinating country.

There’s a high demand for teachers in China across all subjects and this ranges from early years to primary and secondary school levels.

Chinese Education System

A broad range of subjects is common in all schools. Maths, science, PE, history, geography and English language are core disciplines. In addition, the study of Chinese literature, language, culture and ethics is essential for all students.

Given the range of possibilities, how much can you earn teaching in China? Salaries vary depending on location and type of institution.

The better-paid jobs require a higher level of experience and qualifications, but even with fewer qualifications teaching jobs can be found in tier 3 areas.

Location matters

The most affluent and developed areas (tier 1 cities) offer higher wages than elsewhere, although living costs may be higher as well. Tier 1 cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Lower tier areas (less developed regions) offer lower salaries. Tier 2 cities include Wuhan, Foshan, Kunming, Nanjing and Xiamen. Tier 3 cities include, Yangzhou, Guilin and Zhongshan.

The cost of living in these regions is lower than in tier 1 and a teaching position comes with various benefits, so the lower salary isn’t necessarily an issue. In fact, there are exciting teaching opportunities in all parts of China.


International And Bilingual Schools

These are the most desirable places to teach. They pay the highest salaries, exceptional facilities and top-class education, so how much can you earn teaching in China at international schools?

Salaries range from approximately £2,300 to £4,500 per month (RMB 21,000 – RMB 42,000). Competition for these teaching positions is fierce due to the high earning potential.

These schools tend to follow a UK (or US) style curriculum so teachers with this experience have a distinct advantage.

Packages can include excellent benefits such as medical care, flights, accommodation and visa costs.

Private Schools

Private schools cater for all ages, so school children, university students and adults all study here.

Lower pay is offset by a tempting range of benefits such as free housing and insurance, and help with visas. They also offer holiday pay although time off tends to be shorter than in the UK. Working hours of 15 to 25 hours per week are typical.

Many teachers from overseas find work in private schools. Each school sets its own requirements so qualifications and experience of teachers can vary greatly. So, how much does teaching in China pay at private schools?

On average your salary will be roughly £1500–£2000 a month (RMB14,000 – RMB19,000).

Private Tutoring

This is a popular way for teachers to supplement their income in China. One-to-one lessons are in high demand among children, students and adults (particularly for teachers of English).

The salary is around £16 per hour (RMB150) and jobs are easy to find. You can also set your own terms, so you won’t be hampered by rigid contracts.

Public Schools

Salaries in this sector can be similar to private schools – £1500–£2000 a month is common.

However, you’ll be working with larger classes.

The public sector still offers very attractive benefits. You’ll be supported by a local Chinese teacher who will help with lessons and give you guidance on living in China.

Basic working hours are quite low – around 16 to 25 hours per week – but you’ll be encouraged to immerse yourself in school life by helping with sports events and cultural occasions.

Many public schools also provide free meals for teachers, which is a great way to explore the local food and save money at the same time.


Teaching English in China

As China continues its global economic growth, learning English is considered essential.

This is compulsory throughout the education system and can even start in kindergarten.

Consequently, English language teachers command particularly attractive salaries in the region of £2,000 to £2,500 per month.


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