China In Pictures

It’s no secret that Lydia and I lived in China for almost a decade and we have certainly had great fortune to travel around a large part of the country and experience some amazing journeys, seeing some quite astonishing sights along the way!

With that in mind we thought we would share with you a few of our favourite candid snaps from our time in China. (Please be kind we are in no way professional photographers!)

Enjoy and we hope this inspires you to see more of this amazing country!

Shanghai Streets (2018)
Early Morning in Beijing (2016)
Xinjiang Province (2008)
Nanjing Temple (2016)
Guangzhou Work in Progress (2014)
some of the benefits of teaching in china
Shanghai Nights (2015)
Hong Kong, Junk Boats (2015)
Kaiping, Guangdong Province (2012)
Local Restaurant, Guangzhou (2015)
Restaurant Opening, Shenzhen (2015)
Yangshuo, Guilin Province (2015)
some of the benefits of teaching in china include lovely views
Shanghai on the Bund (2016)
Street Food in Xi’an (2012)
Back Streets of Guangdong (2014)
Guangzhou, Temple (2014)
Guilin Countryside (2015)
Panda! Chengdu (2014)
Street Seller, Shanghai (2017)
The Great Wall Marathon (2016)
Eating dumplings in china
Shanghai Dining (2016)
The Great Wall (2018)
The Forbidden City, Beijing (2016)
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